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Fitting Gauges & A PiDash Tablet Into ...

Nov 18, 2017Comments off

It’s been so long since the Miata’s interior has been put together, I’m stoked it came out so good! I know some of you are complaining right now about how I didn’t show any wiring, etc. ...READ MORE


Insane Street Cred!!! 3″ Artech Exhau...

Nov 16, 2017Comments off

Getting the exhaust gasses out of the turbo is just as important as feeding them in. When you need ultimate spool, you need a 3″ exhaust system. Mufflers, cats, and sharp bends all restrict the exhaust ...READ MORE


Turbo Miata Catch Can Install! (Rebirth Ep3...

Nov 13, 2017Comments off

A catch can’s job is to separate air and oil on its way from the crankcase to the intake. It can also be used as a simple catch for oil even if not routed into the ...READ MORE


Got Fuel? Turbo Miata Gets ANOTHER Set Of U...

Nov 11, 2017Comments off

I refuse to be the guy that says “Would have made more power, but ran out of fuel.” Not today boys, not today. With the 1000cc’s in place the the fuel pressure raised, the fuel system ...READ MORE


Miata Gets a Koyo Hyper V-Core & Full ...

Oct 31, 2017Comments off

Huge thanks to Koyorad for letting me try out their brand new Hyper V-Core, make sure you check them out if you’re thinking about an upgrade. Now on to the juicy details… below you’ll find where ...READ MORE


Wire a VVT Engine Into Your Miata! (W/ Flex...

Oct 29, 2017Comments off

Here it is. The motherload of information you all have been waiting for. The steps that are so easy to follow, everyone should be VVT swapping their Miata! These wiring diagrams were hand crafted using MS ...READ MORE