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Building Custom Harness Bits For The Turbo ...

Oct 19, 2017Comments off

Hey all, I know there weren’t many exciting things going on here, but these are the details that will really set your build off and help keep it reliable. Take your time, triple check everything, do ...READ MORE


High Powered Hairdryer Takeover

Oct 15, 2017Comments off

You’re taking Friday off. Do it and don’t look back, when was the last time you took a day off? Now pack your clothes, helmet, GoPros, sunscreen, curling iron, and hairdryer into the trunk of your ...READ MORE



Oct 06, 2017Comments off

Learn from my mistakes! If you’re installing a twin disc clutch on any car, make sure those bad boys are perfectly aligned. The pedal is quite a bit heavier than stock, now I’m really interested in ...READ MORE


Finally Dropping The Engine In!!!!

Sep 21, 2017Comments off

It’s been a while hasn’t it. Nine months ago I pulled the demolished 1.6L engine from this chassis, and today it get’s its new heart. I’ve still got a few major tasks to do before I ...READ MORE


The Most RACE CAR Part Of My Entire Build&#...

Sep 18, 2017Comments off

Sometimes you just have to go full OVERKILL and this is a perfect example. Although the Miata engine will never make enough power for this clutch to slip, the other performance benefits should be well worth ...READ MORE


The Beast Is Nearly Ready…

Sep 11, 2017Comments off

I can’t believe my car is about to have an engine for the first time in over a year… Thank you all for the continuous support and sticking with me through this LONG process. I’ve got ...READ MORE