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Crescent wrenches – check. Vice grips – check. Timing – check.

The timing trinity. The trifecta of timing. Whatever you like to call it, so many of us have used this one simple trick (shops hate him) to install the timing belt on our Miatas. I know this because you guys are constantly sending me pictures of your own timing triads. For those out of the loop – the camshafts of most engines have wrench flats casted into them. With just a few cheap tools that every toolbox should have you can take advantage of those to rotate or lock the cams together, even if you need to remove the cam gears! As always I appreciate your support via the purchase of these soft, quality shirts that are designed, hand packed, and shipped by yours truly.


Backorders – Shirts are all packed and will be shipped on 3/18 Email me if you’d like your tracking number. Thank you for your patience!

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