The Rebirth

Got Fuel? Turbo Miata Gets ANOTHER Set Of Upgrades...

Nov 11, 2017Comments off

I refuse to be the guy that says “Would have made more power, but ran out of fuel.” Not today boys, not today. With the ...READ MORE

Miata Gets a Koyo Hyper V-Core & Full DIY Coo...

Oct 31, 2017Comments off

Huge thanks to Koyorad for letting me try out their brand new Hyper V-Core, make sure you check them out if you’re thinking about an ...READ MORE

Wire a VVT Engine Into Your Miata! (W/ Flex Fuel &...

Oct 29, 2017Comments off

Here it is. The motherload of information you all have been waiting for. The steps that are so easy to follow, everyone should be VVT ...READ MORE