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Instagram Q&A #1 (12-31-2018)

Dec 31, 2018Comments off

What’s up dudes and dudettes? You came up with some interesting questions on the New Years Eve Instagram Q&A I posted, some of which are ...READ MORE

Poly Bushing Upgrade & SADFab Bearing ...

Aug 18, 2018Comments off

I’ve been putting off this job for a long time, but as you can see from the condition of my 217,000+ mile bushings, it was ...READ MORE

The Miata’s New 400+WHP Drivetrain.

Mar 28, 2018Comments off

Here on TheCarPassionChannel, I’m all about breaking new ground (and not breaking any more transmissions). ...READ MORE

I Fixed My Launch Control For 2 Cents! Miat...

Mar 15, 2018Comments off

Since you guys are always asking about launch control, I thought I’d do another video about it with the new engine. (Here’s the original from ...READ MORE