The Rebirth

The Transmission Destroyer… TWO 6-spe...

Jan 12, 2018Comments off

Hey guys! So quite a disappointment with the transmission problems, but there’s really no such thing as an easy build. I’m infinitely grateful that the ...READ MORE

Little Car, Big Numbers. The VVT Turbo Miat...

Dec 23, 2017Comments off

The big day is here. The moment you’ve been waiting for since the middle of 2016. It was a LONG, stressful day on the dyno, ...READ MORE

Final Prep & Changes Before Dyno Day (...

Dec 19, 2017Comments off

Verdicts of the changes: o2 Sensor – Has worked great for the last few days, we’ll see if it continues. Overheating – Gone completely. At ...READ MORE

Boosted Pulls & First Impressions Of T...

Dec 12, 2017Comments off

Each little step I take the car keeps getting more awesome. I can’t believe how fun and fast it is already at only 12psi on ...READ MORE

Fixing Issues With The Miata (Rebirth Ep42)

Dec 04, 2017Comments off

I wanted to do this little video to show you guys that even when you pay 110% attention to detail and try to do every ...READ MORE

Driving The Miata For The First Time In 16 ...

Dec 02, 2017Comments off

It was a strange mix of feelings, that first drive. Of course I’m super excited to be driving the Miata again, but there’s a whole ...READ MORE