Tech Videos

NB Miata Dyno Day #2

Ah we meet again, AED.  Another 12+ hour day on the dyno, and 51 more pulls. All in the name of science! If you missed the first dyno day, you can check that out here. Below you'll find some of the most interesting dyno overlays of the day. (Click any of the images for full [...]

NB Miata Dyno Day #1

Baby steps. Although I was only chasing 3HP at a time through the entire day, the end result was fantastic, and this is only the beginning! Here are what I consider the most important dynos and overlays for the day, if you have any specific questions feel free to drop a comment on the YouTube [...]

The ULTIMATE GUIDE To Installing An NB Cluster Into An NA Miata!

Below you will find the links to every resource I used to compile this video, as well as the important parts and tools you may need to do something similar! I drew several different wiring diagrams based on the possible equipment in your car, and while I do my best to get everything perfect, some […]

The ULTIMATE GUIDE To Valve Lash Adjustment

So What Is Valve Lash Anyways? It’s basically a fancy way of saying “the gap between your cam and the thing your cam hits when it swings around.” That would either be a shim, a lifter, a rocker arm, etc. In the Miata, the head is set up like this, with the the cams directly […]

400RWHP Videos

The Miata’s New 400+WHP Drivetrain.

Here on TheCarPassionChannel, I’m all about breaking new ground (and not breaking any more transmissions).

I Fixed My Launch Control For 2 Cents! Miata Shoots Fire On Megasquirt

Since you guys are always asking about launch control, I thought I’d do another video about it with the new engine. (Here’s the original from 2016). As I stated in the video, use at your own risk!

Turbo Miata vs. Turbo Miata! (Car Passion vs. Danny Courtney)

This was a texbook race showing that there’s a lot more to a turbo setup than just “PSI.” More displacement, a more efficient & responsive turbo, fuel that can handle more ignition advance, longer gearing, and flatshift were on my side. Here’s a brief rundown of the setups!

The Transmission Destroyer… TWO 6-speeds in two weeks 🙁

Hey guys! So quite a disappointment with the transmission problems, but there’s really no such thing as an easy build. I’m infinitely grateful that the engine has been problem free thus far. I’ve tried to illustrate what exactly I think happened to both transmissions here, and although I mentioned it briefly in the video I […]