The List. It's all here: From detailed motor specs to driveline, management, even gaskets. If you're interested in the technical build blog for this engine you can check it out here. I've also got a video showcasing the highlights of the assembly process here. Block: Version: BP6D (01-05) Bored to 84mm (1929cc displacement) Crankshaft: Maruha [...] Read More

VVT Beast’s BIGGEST Dyno Day Yet!

Here we are once again at my second home, Advanced Engine Dynamix. This time it's with the VVT Beast Miata, which hasn't been on the dyno in 2 years. Will the engine still produce good numbers? Will the new Kraken Exhaust System flow well? But the biggest question that will be answered today, which turbo [...] Read More

The Head Data Mega Page

Welcome to Car Passion's collection of cylinder head data. This page will be continuously under construction until at least July, as I'm currently working through fixing/modifying/rebuilding 3 Miata cylinder heads. The VVT head in the 420whp "VVT Beast Miata" ate up its own intake valves at about 13,000 hard miles (21,000km). This is likely due [...] Read More

NB Miata Dyno Day #2

Ah we meet again, AED.  Another 12+ hour day on the dyno, and 51 more pulls. All in the name of science! If you missed the first dyno day, you can check that out here. Below you'll find some of the most interesting dyno overlays of the day. (Click any of the images for full [...] Read More

NB Miata Dyno Day #1

Baby steps. Although I was only chasing 3HP at a time through the entire day, the end result was fantastic, and this is only the beginning! Here are what I consider the most important dynos and overlays for the day, if you have any specific questions feel free to drop a comment on the YouTube [...] Read More