NB Miata Dyno Day #1

Baby steps. Although I was only chasing 3HP at a time through the entire day, the end result was fantastic, and this is only the beginning! Here are what I consider the most important dynos and overlays for the day, if you have any specific questions feel free to drop a comment on the YouTube [...] Read More

The ULTIMATE GUIDE To Valve Lash Adjustment

So What Is Valve Lash Anyways? It’s basically a fancy way of saying “the gap between your cam and the thing your cam hits when it swings around.” That would either be a shim, a lifter, a rocker arm, etc. In the Miata, the head is set up like this, with the the cams directly […]

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Instagram Q&A #1 (12-31-2018)

What’s up dudes and dudettes? You came up with some interesting questions on the New Years Eve Instagram Q&A I posted, some of which are really frequently asked, so I decided to post all of my answers up here in case you missed out. I’m constantly thinking of ways to do different styles

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