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How To Drill Your Oil Pan! (Broke & Bo...

Dec 21, 2015Comments off

One of the scariest parts of an entire turbo build, drilling a big fat hole right in the oil pan. Don’t mess it up 🙂 Okay I have more advice than that: take it slow, take ...READ MORE


Internal Wastegate Porting (Broke & Bo...

Dec 08, 2015Comments off

This is a very common problem with eBay turbos. Since the wastegate port is so small, excess exhaust gasses are forced through the turbine wheel and raise the boost higher than intended. This is called “boost ...READ MORE


How To Rebuild A Turbo! (Broke & Boost...

Dec 08, 2015Comments off

The turbocharger purchase is one of the best ways to save money on your build. Usually the cheapest way to go about it is to find an old junkyard turbo and throw a rebuild kit at ...READ MORE


Boost Gauge & DIY Gauge Mount (Broke &...

Oct 22, 2015Comments off

This is just a quick simple way to get gauges mounted if you don’t want to lose the function of your center vents. A boost gauge is also another very important tool for tuning boosted engines! ...READ MORE


How To Install A Wideband o2 Sensor! (Broke...

Oct 05, 2015Comments off

Yes, you need this part. It’s one of the most important tuning tools you can possibly have in your car, and is a big part of keeping the engine safe. Video Notes: -If you have a ...READ MORE


Introducing The New Miata! (Broke & Bo...

Sep 17, 2015Comments off

I hope you all are ready to embark on this fun journey with me! Funny story, I actually wanted to do this to my first Miata, but then I just ended up going all out. So ...READ MORE