I Fixed My Launch Control For 2 Cents! Miata Shoots Fire On Megasquirt

March 15, 2018
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Since you guys are always asking about launch control, I thought I’d do another video about it with the new engine. (Here’s the original from 2016). As I stated in the video, use at your own risk!

Megasquirt allows you to change everything about your tune, but there are no training wheels… so you can damage your engine by messing with settings you’re not familiar with. That being said, the setup for launch control and flat shift is actually very easy and fun to play around with! Below you’ll find some resources that will help you along the way.

Fun Fact: Unlike “rice-shifting” as I like to call it (full throttle shifts without a flat shift programming, allowing the engine to rev to the moon mad tyte JDM racer style) flat shifting is actually easier on the transmission and drivetrain than most people think. This is because when it’s set up properly, it doesn’t kick the power back on until the clutch is fully engaged, so there’s no “shock” as you open the throttle and dump the clutch like on a normal shift. Each shift is actually very smooth, and with how quickly the turbo is back at full boost it almost feels naturally aspirated! Note: Click any image on the page to enlarge it

Wiring Up Launch Control

Referencing Your MegaManual

Tuner Studio Settings

ECU Pinouts For All Miatas

The pinout images were not made by me, so their accuracy is subject to the creator. I’ve used them in the past with success, each is labeled by year. The pin labeled “clutch” (or sometimes “launch in”) is the one you need to wire in to your options port. The “MS/MS3X” notes are for building your own patch harness to a DIY MS (Not relevant in this tutorial, but good information!).

90 - 93 Chassis

94 - 95 Chassis

96 - 97 Chassis

99 - 00 Chassis

01 - 05 Chassis

Happy Boosting!

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