Turbo Miata vs. Turbo Miata! (Car Passion vs. Danny Courtney)

This was a texbook race showing that there’s a lot more to a turbo setup than just “PSI.” More displacement, a more efficient & responsive turbo, fuel that can handle more ignition advance, longer gearing, and flatshift were on my side. Here’s a brief rundown of the setups!

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Car Passion

1884cc BP6D (Full Build Here)

Borg Warner EFR6258 @ 10psi


5-Speed / 3.9

Danny Courtney

1597cc B6 (YouTube)

China T3 @ 14psi

91 Octane

5-Speed / 4.3

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And because I know there’s going to be at least 3 people talking about my “slow shifting”…. once I was in front I really wanted to see what the flames looked like so I was waiting for the revs to drop down to my 5000RPM flatshift limiter… and I have no regrets:

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