The Rebirth

Fitting Gauges & A PiDash Tablet Into The Mia...

Nov 18, 2017Comments off

It’s been so long since the Miata’s interior has been put together, I’m stoked it came out so good! I know some of you are ...READ MORE

Insane Street Cred!!! 3″ Artech Exhaust Syst...

Nov 16, 2017Comments off

Getting the exhaust gasses out of the turbo is just as important as feeding them in. When you need ultimate spool, you need a 3″ ...READ MORE

Turbo Miata Catch Can Install! (Rebirth Ep35)

Nov 13, 2017Comments off

A catch can’s job is to separate air and oil on its way from the crankcase to the intake. It can also be used as ...READ MORE