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First Drive & VE Tuning With Megasquirt

After this video you should really be on your way to being confident driving your car on MS. Of course there is a ton more to learn, but there’s also a ridiculous amount of free information on forums and Facebook pages that can help answer a lot of questions. I’m thinking about doing a “how […]

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Broke & Boosted First Startup on Megasquirt

Here’s the first start up! I’d say it went well. Video Notes: -I think when you rename your tune and keep working with that same tune, TunerStudio might keep overwriting your renamed tune, not “CurrentTune.” My error, look into that before making major changes! -My intent with showing the closed loop idle menu, was just […]

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Watch This Before Attempting To Tune Your Car.

Sorry for the wind noise. Now then. This is important stuff everyone, there is no “single guide” for tuning. You have to research across several different media platforms and formulate your own knowledge base. A single person doesn’t have all the answers and neither does a single YouTube channel! Tuning your engine is serious business […]

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