Sorry Internet – Fixing My Manifold Fail (Broke & Boosted Ep9.1)

Aaaaalright. Much better. For your reference, it’s honestly a much better idea to just use the proper sized T3 frame turbocharger with this manifold (See below). In my case, I already had a T3 manifold and T2 turbo, so this will have to work. Update 7/17/16: About 2000 miles and it’s still going strong.

Per Lars, owner of (check it out, excellent budget turbo setup), this is the proven T3 you want on your Miata:

“As for which T3 China Charger to go with below are the specs. Basically you want to search eBay for “t3 turbo 2.5″ v-band .42ar” and then compare the specs in the auction to what I have below. Get the one that matches these specs exactly. CXRacing and Rev9Power are the 2 brands that I recommend and you can usually make an offer in the $190-210 range and have it be accepted. The big thing you want to make sure you do is port the waste gate hole to be larger.”

Intake: 2.5 inch
Inlet: 2.25 inch
Compressor trim: .42ar
Compressor Wheel diameter: 43.20 / 60.41
Turbine Wheel diameter: 45.74 / 62.86
Exhaust Trim: .48ar
Turbine flange type: t3 flange
Down pipe flange type :2.50″ v band
Cooling type: oil cool only
Horsepower rating: 325-350
Actuator setting: 8psi