Intercooler & DIY Piping Part 1 (Broke & Boosted Ep7)

Any hairdresser will tell you that cooling down that hot air coming off of the blowdryer is super important. High intake temperatures mean less power and more chance of detonation. Sure, at lower boost levels (7psi and below?) you might not absolutely need an intercooler to maintain safe intake temps. But even at only a few psi, an intercooler system will generate more power, and help maintain that power level even with the turbo and intake is getting hot. This real-life comparison might help convince you:

Miata #1: 7psi on a small Garrett GT turbo, no intercooler: 175 degree intake temps easily achievable.

Miata #2: 15psi (more psi = more heat remember) on a similar sized Garrett, with intercooler: Impossible to get over 115 degree intake temps. At 7psi I rarely saw 100+ degrees.