How To Buy A Used Turbocharger!

Hey everyone! I wanted to make this video because I get TONS of questions about purchasing turbochargers. Plus it’s been a while since I brought back “The Craigslist Bruh” so I figured this would be the perfect time. A couple things I didn’t mention in the video are price and flange styles. As far as price, for nice aftermarket turbos like the Garrett GT ball bearing series, I usually try to find them in good shape for around half of retail price. For 15-20 year old junkyard turbos, I wouldn’t pay more than $150 or so, and you’ll probably have to have it rebuilt before using it. As far as flanges go, the only time it really matters is if you already have a manifold and/or downpipe and you need a turbo that matches; but just know that the standard T25/5-bolt downpipe is the most common style of off-the-shelf manifolds and downpipes for Miatas.