Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement & Bleeding

You’re sitting in your driveway, engine running, and you try to put the car into gear but it won’t go it. Nooooo! Now you’re going to be late meeting up with your hairdresser friends at the taco shop. Or whereever they meet….. LISTEN I DON’T KNOW! Taco shop just sounds good. Anyways, you’re thinking your 20-year-old rubber clutch line may have burst, or maybe the slave cylinder is leaking? You look under the car but there is no puddle, no leak.


The culprit is most likely the master cylinder. Fluid can leak past the seals but never leak out of the master itself, which means your fluid will never go low, but the clutch won’t disengage. Keep in mind that it’s really not a bad idea to replace the master and slave cylinder at the same time, as well as the line (maybe upgrade to a braided line?). The bleeding process is the same, and you won’t have to worry about missing out on any burritos in the near future.