Racecar Handling: Depowering Your Miata Steering Rack

I feel like I haven’t done a real tech video in a while so here you go! If you have deleted your power steering I highly recommend doing this, it really makes the steering feel better. I’ll be documenting a few more chassis upgrades as well along the process of building the engine for the car (which, don’t worry, that series will start VERY soon!!!)

Video Notes:

In this tutorial, I followed the Flyin’ Miata writeup in which they don’t weld the pinion (making it more DIY friendly). You can take the extra step and have the pinion welded to eliminate any play in the rotary valve.

FAQ: Will this work in my NA8/NB1/NB2 etc? My video covers the method for depowering a 1990-1995 power steering rack. Later cars may require different methods, do your research!