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The ULTIMATE GUIDE To Valve Lash Adjustment

Nov 19, 2019Comments off

So What Is Valve Lash Anyways? It’s basically a fancy way of saying “the gap between your cam and the thing your cam hits when ...READ MORE

The ULTIMATE Guide to DIY Turbo Miata Setup...

Feb 13, 2019Comments off

There is so much information out there about Miata turbo setups, and that amount has probably tripled in the last 5 years. This is great ...READ MORE

The ULTIMATE Guide To Installing a BMW Tran...

Dec 10, 2018Comments off

Well here it is, your ULTIMATE guide to the KMiata BMW Transmission swap, for the DIY mechanic. I’m hoping this video teaches you new skills ...READ MORE

Poly Bushing Upgrade & SADFab Bearing ...

Aug 18, 2018Comments off

I’ve been putting off this job for a long time, but as you can see from the condition of my 217,000+ mile bushings, it was ...READ MORE

The Miata’s New 400+WHP Drivetrain.

Mar 28, 2018Comments off

Here on TheCarPassionChannel, I’m all about breaking new ground (and not breaking any more transmissions). ...READ MORE

I Fixed My Launch Control For 2 Cents! Miat...

Mar 15, 2018Comments off

Since you guys are always asking about launch control, I thought I’d do another video about it with the new engine. (Here’s the original from ...READ MORE