Transmission Options For High Power Miatas!

It’s almost time. The engine is starting to prove itself having surpassed the 2,500 mile mark now, and even at 300whp the Miata has been able to take down everything in its path from a modified 335i, to a Fiat 500 Abarth running 22psi, to a 2018 Camaro SS. The Viper… well I knew he […]

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The Transmission Destroyer… TWO 6-speeds in two weeks :(

Hey guys! So quite a disappointment with the transmission problems, but there’s really no such thing as an easy build. I’m infinitely grateful that the engine has been problem free thus far. I’ve tried to illustrate what exactly I think happened to both transmissions here, and although I mentioned it briefly in the video I […]

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Final Prep & Changes Before Dyno Day (Rebirth Ep44)

Verdicts of the changes: o2 Sensor – Has worked great for the last few days, we’ll see if it continues. Overheating – Gone completely. At idle I do think the void in the shroud was letting the single fan pull air through it, instead of through the fins. Cruising on the freeway it hasn’t hit […]

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