[heading heading_text=”BMM – The Big Miata Meetup”]

For lack of a better name, THE BIG MIATA MEETUP! The very first one, before it got it’s name, was on March 22, 2015. Just a little meet up for my friend’s birthday that quite a few Miatas showed up to, maybe a whopping 10 or so?? We cruised the freeway to a taco shop, and the BMM was born.

They have grown a little since then, they’re usually about 80-90 Miatas now, and have been held in Lemon Grove, Escondido, Corona, Temecula, Santa Ana; and coming soon, San Diego! The best part of the day for me is always the caravan, cruising the highways with a massive group of Miatas always turns heads! My chief meet setup partner Mark with Inland Empire Miatas and I regularly switch up the day, time, and location so everyone in SoCal has a chance to make it to one. The information for the next BMM will be posted here on this page as soon as it’s available. I’m estimating sometime in mid December. See you there!

Check out some photos and videos from previous meets