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These pieces are to serve as a reminder that when times get tough and your build isn’t cooperating, you WILL get through it. You CAN achieve your goals. Trust me when I found out I had to rebuild the head on my car I just stared at it for a good while questioning every decision I’ve ever made and if I even like cars anymore. I’ve been there. Look at the beast now, faster than ever before!

Meant for display purposes only. All contributions go directly back into the channel to help create more fun and helpful content for the community. YOU guys are what makes all of this possible.



VVT Intake Valves – These stainless, undercut valves from SI Valves suffered the unfortunate fate of trying to control too much boost without enough valve spring seat pressure. The somewhat experimental Volvo / Sealed Power VS855 springs just did not like 21psi and 8000RPM! Each valve comes with a small display plaque telling you which port each valve came from (yes I kept them in order!). Obviously, there are only 8 of these available, and the number you get will be random. But #7 is the coolest one, measured to have more wear than all of the others. $65 donation to the build. Free Shipping to the U.S. and international shipping available!

LEGACY (No longer available):

Synchro Rings – Brilliant shimmering brass color. Great for making into key chains or displaying in trophy cases.

Full Gears – All tested at over 400HP. They make great paperweights for the office or could also be used as rear ballast weight in the trunk for adding traction at the drag strip.

Pistons – These are the pistons that originally came inside of my VVT engine. 10:1 compression means they don’t take no for an answer.

Connecting Rods – These are the connecting rods that originally came inside of my VVT engine. They were removed for their own safety, and are grateful to be alive.

The 1.6 Hero EXPLODED Rod & Piston – 1 Available. This is the one who made the ultimate sacrifice on the drive home from making 295whp. An unfortunate fate to meet, but the catalyst for bigger and better things.

The 1.6 Hero SURVIVOR Rods & Pistons – 3 Available. They saw it first hand. They’ll never forget. But they also know it’s part of the game we play. These lucky 3 saw 295whp and lived to tell the tale. They’re ready for retirement.

1.6L Valve Cover – A survivor of the explosion, it hopes to live on another engine and continue on as the first thing people see when they pop the hood.

1.6L Cam Gears – These troopers FELT the explosion ripple through the crankshaft and up the timing belt. Traumatized, but ready to live another day screaming at 3500RPM.

1.6L Bent Valves – 2 Available. Imagine living your whole life watching a piston fly towards you to be retracted away just a couple millimeters from contact. Boooring. These valves are the Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O of valves, and they loved taking a piston to the face.

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