Technical Advice Page

Hey there! You’ve been directed to my technical support page. I’m happy to offer some help. Here you will find help regarding your turbo Miata build, Megasquirt, turbocharger, clutch issue, hesitation, poor idle, or other problem you may be having with your car.

These days I’m fortunate to have tens of thousands of people following my personal builds and building their own cars. As a result, big portion of my time has been helping out where I can, replying through Instagram, Snapchat, Email, Facebook, and various comment sections asking for technical help and advice.

Since the beginning of TheCarPassionChannel, my goal has been to help the community through the production of high quality and easy-to-follow instructional videos, detailed technical articles, as well as informative social media posts and pictures. I also read all of my messages, when time allows between my job, wrenching, and video production. That being said, with growing number of people reaching out to me directly for technical support on their cars/builds, it’s been tricky to balance quality production and providing detailed follow up. The last thing I want to do is to sacrifice quality for quantity, whether it comes to providing support or videos. To remedy this I decided to offer a dedicated support line where I can actually block out my time to help you directly, anything from basic starting issues/troubleshooting, to complex tuning consultation.

I still pride myself in being the most interactive car YouTuber on the entire platform, and intend on keeping it that way. Want to tell me how one of my videos got you out of a jam or helped you through your build? I’d love to hear from you! However for more advanced questions, that require advanced knowledge, troubleshooting, follow up, and in-depth tuning, please check out the options below for getting into contact with me:

Technical Questions Or Build Advice

Technical Email Support ($5.00) – Simply fill out the support form here with your questions or requests for advice on Megasquirt settings, wiring, turbo/tire/piston/engine selection, buying a built Miata, or anything else you need help with. The donation includes all follow up until we resolve the issue to your satisfaction.  

Tune & Datalog Analysis

Advanced Tune/Datalog Analysis/Virtual Dynos ($15.00) – Having hesitation, misfires, or unstable idle on your MS powered Miata? Didn’t make the amount of power you were expecting? With the extensive amount of time spent on the dyno for my build, I can offer detailed consultation and help you hunt down your issues. Send me your tune and a datalog of the issues/pulls, and I can analyze them and provide you with my assessment. This can also include Virtual Dyno results of back-to-back pulls with different tune settings, and follow up support.

Real-Time Support

Facetime Troubleshooting/Real Time Support ($25.00 for ~30 minutes) – Want to talk in person about planning your build, turbo troubles, or just pick my brain about anything in general? Are you stuck on a particular repair or tune and need me to be there (virtually) to help you out? We can have a 1 on 1 conversation about anything that you need.


The Fine Print

Refunds/Limitations – Listen, I don’t know everything. Nobody does. If I can’t help you, I’m going to be honest that your question is not in my field of experience and give you a full refund. For the Technical Email, I’m open to some back and forth troubleshooting, but would like to limit it to one primary topic or group of questions. If it’s 3 months after your first submission and you need help with a completely different issue, I will ask that you submit a new form.

Alternatives – Please keep in mind that the above prices don’t guarantee that I will be able to solve the problems you’re having, or that I have the best advice on parts selection of anyone on Earth. If the options don’t interest you, feel free to comment on any of my videos, or see the links below where you’ll find my FAQ section with a full page of my “top resources” that I’ve been using for years to solve problems with my Miatas; and over 150 Miata related videos across my two YouTube channels.

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

TheCarPassionChannel (Main Channel)

Greg Peters (Side Channel, some Miata content)