AWR Motor Mount Install/Review

“Wow. Excellent job on the video Greg.

Top notch work.”

-Bryan Spears, FAB9 Tuning


Fender Brace Install/Review*

“That was awesome!!!

I’ll add it to the website…”

-Ken Raif, Garage Star

*Also installed & reviewed differential bushings, temperature sandwich plate, shift knob, and door bushings.


Billet Compressor Wheel Install/Review

“Thanks again. you went heaps beyond what I was looking for! Let me know if you ever need anything!”

-Josh Smith, JDS Performance Turbos


Gauge Face Install/Review

“I’ve made it to 3 minutes and am already blown away. Wow.”

“Dude. Wow. Thank you Greg!!! That was WAY better than I hoped for. I’m blown away.“

-Adam Wolfe, Revlimiter