Driving The Miata For The First Time In 16 Months (Rebirth Ep41)

It was a strange mix of feelings, that first drive. Of course I’m super excited to be driving the Miata again, but there’s a whole learning curve going on with all the new noises and rattles, new clutch to get used to, rough untuned idle, and a ton of money and time invested all working for the first time.

Very nerve-racking. I’m writing this article 2 weeks after the footage was taken, and I am proud to inform you that the engine now has over 500 miles on it and everything is running smoothly! If you’ll be breaking in a new engine in the future, here’s an article you’ll want to read. It’s the guideline I used for my own break in, although I didn’t show much of it because I really wanted to just focus on driving.

Flyin’ Miata’s New Engine Break-In Procedure