Miata Gets a Koyo Hyper V-Core & Full DIY Cooling Hoses! (Rebirth Ep33)

Huge thanks to Koyorad for letting me try out their brand new Hyper V-Core, make sure you check them out if you’re thinking about an upgrade. Now on to the juicy details… below you’ll find where I bought all the parts in this video along with a map of my complete cooling system.

I know this question will be asked as well: I will be running 25% coolant, 75% distilled water, and water wetter. I’m just running the coolant for the anti-corrosive properties since it rarely drops to freezing temps here in San Diego. Water actually does a better job absorbing heat compared to coolant, so a higher % of water will cool the engine more efficiently, but in much colder climates a 50/50 mix is a better idea.

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