THE LONG AWAITED BOX?? Turbo Reveal, HP Goals, & More!

YOUR QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!! As beautiful as all of these parts are, I can’t wait to get them dirty. A fast setup is all about having the complete package.

A killer turbo can be choked out by a poor flowing exhaust, and I wanted to make the most of my investment. Yeah I called it an investment, ’cause having the best turbo ain’t cheap. So I matched it up with an insane custom exhaust system from Artech Fabrication. (For those wondering, no this isn’t an advertisement nor did I get the system free. It cost me more than I sold my last Miata for. But for what it is, I think it was a steal – a stainless steal. Hahaha) This system was 100% custom built exactly how I wanted it. And since Abe builds his systems on actual mock-up cars, they fit perfect when they arrive. (He even had to hold my precious Borg Warner hostage for a while to build the system around it). Let’s take a minute to admire these amazing pieces:

The Turbocharger

The Borg Warner EFR6258. Although it’s the smallest in the EFR series, this turbo can pack a serious punch. Most users claim “it’s got the response of a GT2554R and the top end of a GT2860RS.” and I can’t wait to find out for myself. Aside from being built for optimal transient response with the ability to make 370+whp, it’s got some cool features like an integrated diverter valve (so you don’t need any BOV), built in electronic boost controller, and oversized internal wastegate for better control over boost. The 3″ v-band turbine housing is just icing on the cake.

The Manifold

Short runner, axial collector. Improved power and spoolup compared to a log-style manifold but still very compact and strong. Since I’m not running A/C or power steering, I went for the bottom mount style which tucks the turbo down next to the block and allows for a straighter downpipe exit path.

The Downpipe

Full 3″ with v-bands for easy install and perfect alignment (especially important with a 3″ system.) Also has EGT and O2 sensor bungs, as well as a flex pipe to protect the upper portion of the downpipe and manifold from the natural movement of the engine and exhaust.

The Rest

3″ mid pipe and 3″ Magnaflow straight-through “turbo” muffler section. Here’s where I wanted something a little out of the norm: I call it “straight pipe on demand.” See my problem is every other week I can never decide if I want to roll with the straight pipe or keep it more refined and low key. Now, at the flip of a switch I can have the aggressive sound and faster spool up, but for those 530am startups before work, the neighbors will appreciate the muffler.