The Rebirth

The ULTIMATE Guide To Disassembling A Miata...

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Video Notes: -I didn’t remove the valves from the head because I want to leave that to the machine shop. If you want to do ...READ MORE

Head Games: VVT Build Parts Selection (Vide...

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Video notes: -Yes I realize the upgraded valves are a LITTLE overkill, but being a potential wear item, I didn’t want to reuse the stock ...READ MORE

Sugar, Spice, & Everything Forged: VVT...

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Parts Shown: Manley Performance Connecting Rods – The absolute most important engine upgrade for Miatas, if you turn the boost up enough, your rods are ...READ MORE

What I Found Inside the 1.6L…

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It was a good run. 38,600 miles of boost. Average power over 250whp. Max power 295whp. Quarter mile: 13.0 @ 110.6mph with a shotty 2.115 ...READ MORE

I Built Myself a Studio…

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Winter is coming. And so are all of the parts for this engine. This seemed like a good solution! I hate racing the sunset while ...READ MORE

Upcoming BMM & Updates On Both Cars

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Hey everyone I know you’ve been waiting for an update! For more information on the upcoming BMM, check out the BMM Page. Broke & Boosted: ...READ MORE