The Rebirth

Looking Like a Motor! Head Install & T...

Jun 12, 2017Comments off

Stoked to see this thing looking like an engine. Waiting on one more order of miscellaneous nuts, bolts, and gaskets so I’ve got everything I ...READ MORE

FIRST MISTAKE On The VVT Engine :( Piston &...

May 22, 2017Comments off

Step 1: Make expensive mistake. Step 2: Post it on the internet for others to see. Step 3: Thousands of people learn a lesson and ...READ MORE

THE LONG AWAITED BOX?? Turbo Reveal, HP Goa...

May 08, 2017Comments off

YOUR QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!! As beautiful as all of these parts are, I can’t wait to get them dirty. A fast setup is all ...READ MORE

PUT A RING ON IT: Assembling Pistons &...

May 01, 2017Comments off

One step closer to getting this beast finished! The ring pliers I used in this video can be purchased here. Highly recommended, it makes installing ...READ MORE

Crank It Up: VVT Engine Crankshaft Install

Mar 23, 2017Comments off

Glad I can finally “get crankin” on this build AMIRITE     ………    anyways ...READ MORE

The VVT Mega Page

Mar 23, 2017Comments off

The List. It’s all here: From detailed motor specs to driveline, management, even gaskets. ...READ MORE