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Epic mini Miatas you can stick anywhere! 

Miata project number THREE has entered the chat! Now introducing: Project Too Soon Junior, the NITROUS powered Miata! This 99′ NB has all the goodies up its sleeve: Flyin’ Miata Kogeki wheels, 6-speed swap, VVT engine swap, full bolt ons, and of course; a nitrous kit that’s pushed the stock engine to 216whp & 207wtq! Get yours while they last, along with the rest of the team!

All of the decals are thick, high quality gloss prints from SuperWowFactory and the designs are all done by MFREX.

Profits from your purchases go directly back into the channel and help me make more content for you guys! Bigger turbos, more dyno days, new camera equipment… maybe even an NC? All decals have FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world. Thank you for supporting The Car Passion Channel, and keep it shiny side up!

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99' Miata: "Too Soon Junior", 99' Miata: "Too Soon Junior" (Initialed), 92' Miata: The 526whp VVT Beast, 92' Miata: The 526whp VVT Beast (Initialed), 91' Miata: "Broke & Boosted", 91' Miata: "Broke & Boosted" (Initialed)