CarPassion Shirts – Whatstang?


This shirt is guaranteed to aggravate your local muscle car enthusiast.

The ear piercing catless exhaust. The Shelby style sequential turn signals. The dipped 5.0 badge. The louvers. The unnecessary revs letting all the kids on the block know who’s got the baddest Coyote on the block. They are mighty, but they have a weakness. And it comes in the form of a $169 Wasabi Windmill bolted to a ratted out $2600 Mazda Miata paired with stock connecting rods sitting on NASA’s Launchpad 39A ready to leave the Solar System. We might be on the brink of exploding yet another 5-speed, but YOU GON LEARN TODAY MUSTANG BOYS!! I have a small run of these shirts on hand and ready to ship, but they will also be available to backorder for 2 full weeks, so everyone can get the size they need! Happy ‘Stang hunting. Free shipping to the U.S.

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