The BEST Ignition For Your Turbo Miata

This was essentially the same setup I ran on the 1.6L but upgraded to better wires and a much cleaner mount.

It’s a killer setup! The best bang for your buck is to get these from a junkyard, but even replacement coils typically work just as well. I did but one set of “ACDelco” OEM coils from eBay for $139.99 and they were junk, I had to send them back. Pretty sure they were knock offs. The actual coils used in this video are chinese replacement coils from Orielly Auto Parts that cost me around $250…. but they work killer. I’ve hear the “upgraded” coils on eBay also work excellent, but I can’t speak from experience. If you go for the ACDelco units, just buy them from a reputable source.

Parts Used (Links)