Lubing The Beast: Custom 1.8L Oil Lines

Video Notes:

-It’s a good idea to spray some brake cleaner through the feed line so make sure there are no particles to contaminate the bearings on first start up.

-I’ll most likely go with even more heat defense for that feed line.

-You’ll notice at 5:38 in the video you can see a small defect in the drain fitting, I fixed that by putting some 320 grit sandpaper on a flat board, and sanding down the mating surface perfectly flat.


TSE Oil Feed Adapter

1/8NPT -> AN4 Fitting (Also Included w/ TSE Adaptor)

AN4 Line

-AN4 Restrictor (Size depends on turbo)

-AN4 Hose Adapters 

REV9 T25 -> 5/8″ Oil Drain

-5/8″ Hose – Autozone (Make sure it’s oil resistant, heater hose will be broken down by oil)

5/8″ Barb -> 3/8″NPT Oil Pan Fitting (9/16″ Drill Bit For Pan)