The Rebirth

Bottom Mount Turbo = NOTHING FITS (Custom W...

Aug 10, 2017Comments off

The VVT build gets a custom water line setup! Here are some eBay links to where I bought the parts used in the video: ...READ MORE

Lubing The Beast: Custom 1.8L Oil Lines

Aug 07, 2017Comments off

Video Notes: -It’s a good idea to spray some brake cleaner through the feed line so make sure there are no particles to contaminate the ...READ MORE

How To Build AN Lines (And Save Money!!)

Aug 03, 2017Comments off

The entire line setup for my build was just over $100 and it was so simple to build! ...READ MORE

Trackspeed Engineering Locking Hardware Kit

Jul 10, 2017Comments off

One of the biggest problems you’ll face boosting your Miata is turbo stud/hardware failure. Those 4 little studs are under an insane amount of stress ...READ MORE

VVT Timing Belt, ATI Damper Setup, & O...

Jul 03, 2017Comments off

Each step here is simple, but there are a lot of little details you need to keep track of. The best advice I can give ...READ MORE

Grinding & Drilling On The VVT Engine!

Jun 26, 2017Comments off

With the bottom of the engine all sealed up, I’m getting closer and closer to having it ready for the car. VIDEO NOTES: If you’re ...READ MORE