FREE HORSEPOWER! The Bootleg Boost Leak Test.

Seriously people, do NOT underestimate the potential power loss that boost leaks can cause. You can test your car for free or even the legit way for only about $30 and I recommend that all boosted cars have one done. That includes supercharged vehicles. Heck, even n/a cars can benefit because the same method can be used to find vacuum leaks. This test is especially important if you’ve just pieced your build together for the first time.


-I know this was confusing in the video, but as long as you’re testing only the parts of the intake that will see boost, you can test it up to your actual boost level i.e. 15psi, 25psi, etc. If any pre-turbo hoses are hooked up to the system you’re testing (breathers, etc), it’s best to keep the pressure around 5psi.

Need an intake system pressure tester? Get one from my favorite intake piping website, SiliconeIntakes