The ALL NEW Skunk 2 Miata Manifold: Everything You Need To Know!

As you guys can tell I’m super amped on this manifold!! I couldn’t just let it get released meanwhile I’m in the dark ages with a stock unit. It looks so good in the engine bay, but also strangely makes it look less like a Miata engine. Here’s some more info you all might need if you’re looking to buy one yourself:

Update 10/27/17: For accurate dyno testing of this manifold please follow this thread

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Throttle Body Dimensions

For updating your intercooler/intake piping, you’ll need these dimensions –

Stock Throttle Body: 64mm OD / Skunk 2 Throttle Body: 70mm OD

So you will need a 2.75″ silicone elbow to hook up as opposed to the 2.50″ you’re using on the stock TB. More comparisons below:

Comparisons Vs. Stock