Wire a VVT Engine Into Your Miata! (W/ Flex Fuel & LS2 Coils) (Rebirth Ep32)

Here it is. The motherload of information you all have been waiting for. The steps that are so easy to follow, everyone should be VVT swapping their Miata! These wiring diagrams were hand crafted using MS Paint and took FOREVER to complete. Of course they are available right now for free, here at TheCarPassionChannel.

I’ve also linked everything I could possibly think of from this video in case you’re looking to pick up any of these parts or gain more info for your build. In coming posts I will also be uploading full diagrams for the cooling system, fuel system, and vacuum lines for my motor.

Where To Buy The Parts

Helpful Links

Swap Notes

-Engine: 2001 (Miata)

-Chassis: 1992

-ECU: MSPnPPro (For a 90-93′)

-Ignition: Chevy LS2 Coils (Truck Version aka “D585”)

**Click for larger pictures!

**If there are any mistakes please contact me and I will fix them!

Wiring Diagrams Of My Setup