The ULTIMATE Guide To Replacing Valve Stem ...

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We meet again, valve stem seals. This job is pretty tricky but to me it’s worth it to leave the head on. Take your time, especially with the first couple valves. They get easier as you get

Turbo Miata Catch Can Install! (Rebirth Ep3...

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A catch can’s job is to separate air and oil on its way from the crankcase to the intake. It can also be used as a simple catch for oil even if not routed into the intake

Wire a VVT Engine Into Your Miata! (W/ Flex...

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Here it is. The motherload of information you all have been waiting for. The steps that are so easy to follow, everyone should be VVT swapping their Miata! These wiring diagrams were hand crafted using MS Paint

Boost Control Explained (Upgrading the EFR)

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Hope all this makes sense! Boost control was one of the things I always struggled with on the 1.6L, so I want the best hardware available for the new setup since I’ll be running double the boost.

Choosing The Right Tire For Your Miata

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I get this question a lot. Sometimes multiple times per week. You’re about to soak up all of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over 10+ years of owning sports cars for daily driving, autocross, drag racing,