The Rebirth

The BEST Ignition For Your Turbo Miata

Sep 04, 2017Comments off

This was essentially the same setup I ran on the 1.6L but upgraded to better wires and a much cleaner mount. ...READ MORE

Miata Motor Gets a 400+HP Fuel System

Aug 28, 2017Comments off

The ID1000’s have always been known in the Miata community as one of the best available injectors. ...READ MORE

Wrenches UP! Getting the Miata Chassis Read...

Aug 26, 2017Comments off

Today I give the Miata some much needed love in preparation for its heart transplant. I’ve only got a few videos to go before the ...READ MORE

Boost Control Explained (Upgrading the EFR)

Aug 21, 2017Comments off

Hope all this makes sense! Boost control was one of the things I always struggled with on the 1.6L, so I want the best hardware ...READ MORE

Oil Pressure & Temp Explained + Sandwi...

Aug 19, 2017Comments off

I plan on having as many safety aids as possible on this build so when the race gets serious, I know the engine will perform. ...READ MORE

How To Make Your Valve Cover EPIC!

Aug 14, 2017Comments off

I’m so stoked on how this came out. I’ve linked the products used below, I’d love to see how some of your valve covers come ...READ MORE